Gigapan Surfing

This page gives you a variety of different ways of surfing through the tens of thousands of gigapan images.

The last option needs some comment. You start with a view of the Earth (Southern Italy in fact for no particular reason) showing all regions in the world where gigapans have been taken. The regions are colour-coded: red regions contain the most gigapans and blue regions the fewest. Click on a region to get two options:

  • Load Gigapans. This displays where the gigapans in a given region are and zooms in to that area. Click on a gigapan's marker to see the gigapan. Unfortunately some gigapans are incorrectly geocoded which means that when GE should zoom in it zooms out :-(
  • Gallery. Clicking on this link will attempt to make a multi-page gallery of the gigapans in the region. Different gigapans have different shapes and this makes it surprisingly difficult to make a page of neatly-arranged images. The way I have chosen to solve this problem is most charitably described as 'experimental'. Just click through using the defaults/first links if you don't want to wade through the blurb. NB the gallery option does not work well for regions with low numbers of gigapans.

Finally, if you are interested in the numbers of gigapans taken in each country in the world then click here or here for different approach (slow).

Link to Google Earth gigapan heatmap