Kilgore661's World of Gigapans

This page allows you to generate a view in Google Earth of geocoded gigapans. The gigapans are arranged by country in alphabetical order. If you know your way around Google Earth (GE) and know what a 'KMZ' file is then click here to see all the geocoded gigapans in the world.

Enough already! Give me some buttons to press!

If you're not so familar with geocoding, GE, KMZ files or what it is that this page delivers, then read on.

GE gives the viewer the impression that they are 'inside' the gigapan. Often this is the best way of really appreciating a gigapan. To view a gigapan in GE the author of the gigapan must first 'geocode' it; i.e. tell GE where the gigapan was taken. Not everybody does this unfortunately. In what follows, 'gigapan' means 'geocoded gigapan' of which there are over 36,000 at the time of writing (December 2012).

You will of course need to have GE installed. Get it here if you need it (but watch out for sneaky attempts to install other software like the Chrome browser).

To see a gigapan in GE, go to the gigapan's page at and click on the "Google Earth" link. It can be hard to spot. Underneath the main image there is usually a row of snapshots, and under the snapshots there is a row of links like this:

The Google Earth link is second from last. If you can't see the link then the chances are that the author has not geocoded it.

I like to browse the Earth and see gigapans in GE but since don't provide this service (any more - they used to) I thought I would do it for myself.

As an example of what you can do on this page, here is a screenshot of all the geocoded gigapans in, for example, Ethiopia.

(Click on the picture to see it more clearly.) Unfortunately the icon used by to indicate the location of a gigapan is rubbish. It looks a bit like this:

To generate your own view, use the controls below. One word of warning - it can take quite a while to create the necessary files so be patient. If you want to see all the (geocoded) gigapans in the world then it is much faster to use the link at the top of the page - repeated here for your convenience.

Do It Yourself

Show Me All Gigapans:

What Next?

Initially the Places dialog in GE looks like this

although your KMZ file may have fewer countries. Double-click on the name of the country to make GE zoom in to that country. Next make the gigapans in that country visible by ticking the country's box like this:

This will show you all the gigapans in that country.


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