This page contains all the gigapan images I took at Shambala 2010. Taking gigapans is a tricky business and they don't always come out right, but I have included all of the images - even the ones that didn't really work - because I want as many people as possible to find themselves and their friends.

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All images are ©Shambala.

  Rebel Soul    
  Night Shoot    
  The Tulips    
  Really Big    
  Grey Skies    
  Tulips Again    
  Main Stage    
  Main Stage 2    
  The Parade    
  The Healing Field    
  The Healing Field 2    


Gandhi's Images

There are even more images from Shambala 2010. My 'assistant' Dan Oliver (a.k.a. Gandhi, an accomplished photographer in his own right) used my Epic 100 to take his first gigapans. Click on the image below to see his results.


When you are at, look out for the small images or 'snapshots' underneath the main image.

These are created by people who have noticed an interesting detail. If you click on one, you will automatically fly in to see the detail. Snapshots with little 'gas bags' on them (like the third snapshot, above) have comments which you can read or add your own thoughts to.


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Other Cool Stuff

Pages at are crammed with all sorts of things you can click on. Two that are worth pointing out are the 'Launch Full Screen Viewer' link (which does what you might expect) and the 'View in Google Earth' link. The latter isn't always present, but when it is you can find it on the right-hand side under the main image.

If you have Google Earth installed then you can click on this link and fly into the image from space! Google Earth also shows you the gigapan as if you are inside the image - especially cool if the image is a 360-degree one.



661 Gigapanography

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